The Heroes

These five Clean Air Heroes, along with other members of Congress, have a perfect record of standing up for kids and families by voting to protect our health from dangerous air pollution. Full list of Heroes

Are Your Representatives Clean Air Heroes? Find out here.

Congress and clean air

Each day our elected representatives in Washington make decisions that directly impact our health and environment. In just 2011-2012, House Members voted on 13 bills to weaken clean air standards and Senators voted on 4 such bills. At the same time, the worst offenders were also raking in big campaign contributions from polluters.

Weakening clean air standards makes our air dirtier and more dangerous to breathe. Weakening clean air standards hurts our families, our kids and our communities. That’s why what happens in DC shouldn’t stay in DC. You have a right to know if your elected official has your family’s back or not.

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